30 Things Teenagers Want in a Relationship

Teens think a lot about what they want in a relationship. This is an opportunity for youthworkers to help them align w/ God’s design for sex & relationships

camp lakeTeenagers are intensely relational. They are figuring out who they are and what it means to be a friend. They are also thinking about what they desire in a relationship. This is a very normal stage of development. It is also an incredible opportunity for youth workers to help teenagers figure out how to align their lives with God’s design for sex and relationships.

A survey at a high school outreach camp asked a few hundred kids this question:

What is one thing that you want from a relationship?

Here are their answers:

30 Things Teenagers are Looking for in a Relationship

  1. the comfort of having someone
  2. connection
  3. unconditional love
  4. to know and be known
  5. honesty
  6. fun
  7. faithfulness
  8. love
  9. truth
  10. compromise
  11. freedom
  12. true friendship
  13. attention
  14. respect
  15. support
  16. a good friend
  17. laughter
  18. love appreciation for being yourself
  19. no pressure
  20. challenge
  21. accountability
  22. encouragement
  23. a companion
  24. long term commitment
  25. good communication
  26. to make each better
  27. someone to respect my morals
  28. trust
  29. someone to talk to
  30. someone to take care of me

What else do you think high school kids are looking for in a relationship? Try asking your group of teenagers this question at your next retreat or camp and see what they say.

How have you helped teenagers learn how to align with God’s design for sex and relationships? Please comment below!