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From my experience, the number one issue that derails leaders is a lack of adequate encouragement and coaching in a healthy ministry lifestyle. My primary goal in relationships with leaders is to be a source of encouragement through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and from a tool belt of personal leadership experience.


I believe Jesus Christ’s primary objective in developing leaders was not to create programs to reach the masses, but rather he sought to develop the kind of leaders the masses would follow. This is why I focus on identifying catalytic visionary leaders who have a distinct calling to lead and cast vision for gospel-centered ministry in the marketplace, the local church, or through non-profit organizations. True gospel-centered leaders typically have a humble heart and godly motivations. All they need is someone to coach them into a deeper and more creative awareness of what factors influence their situation and how to make mature decisions. The way I approach “equipping” leaders is to focus on what habits and factors need to be put into place to insure that when a leader chooses a course of action, they will stick to it, follow it through, and be committed to seeing their vision multiplied through others.


Often catalytic leaders become the seed of their own destruction because through success and busyness they lose their ability to discern what God is doing and begin relying on formulas that have worked in the past. I emphasize the need for character formation and soul care among leaders so that they stand upon spiritually-discerned outcomes that will produce results that get glory for God, not themselves. Exhortation is a bit of a lost art in leadership but I take it seriously. As a shepherd-leader of other visionary leaders, I prayerfully guide other leaders toward confidently sticking to the course of action that Jesus has called them to pursue. At times I might bump and nudge leaders forward and help them recognize what support they need to accomplish the work that God has called them to complete.

Empowering the Entrepreneurial Spirit

As I have worked with leaders from a variety of cultures, I am becoming more convinced that one of the main ingredients that fuels visionary leadership is either having a natural entrepreneurial spirit, or developing entrepreneurship skills. Whether you are a leader in a developed nation or developing nation, there is always a need for generating relevant ideas that will address the needs of one’s community. Whether you lean toward social entrepreneurship or creative business entrepreneurship, developing visionary leadership skills will help you filter out which dreams to pursue.

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